Songhouse Productions International Proudly Presents
                                                                        The Rick Derringer Band 

           Please scroll down for securing tour dates for THE RICK DERRINGER BAND on tour in 2017 and beyond! 


Rick Derringer Band Tour Contact 


Rick Derringer - Lead Vocal , Guitars           Charles Torres - Bass Guitars , Vocals           Kenn Moutenot - Drums - Vocals    

Please reach out and contact Kenn - Tour Manager - Drums - Vocals  

directly for all inquires regarding THE RICK DERRINGER BAND.                          

Get in touch with us by using whichever method is most convenient for you listed below.   

Web site:

E Mail:


Address U.S.A.

Tour Management

In Concert Bookings:


201 . 384 . 7760

Bergenfield . New Jersey 

Office hours: 24 / 7  Please leave a message since in studio or on tour thank you.

Please phone Kenn directly at phone number above thank you.